Fan Scarf Design

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There are some requirements for making your design into a succes and to guarantee the printing quality for your merchandise:

  • All logo’s in vectors, grouped as one object, .PNG, .JPG or .JPEG gives no guarantee on the outcome! So we’re not responsible if the outcome is wrong.
  • All texts in curves. Names or numbers of players put in the file in the preferred font and in curves.
  • All the logo’s, texts, backgrounds, etc. in separate files or separately in the same file with the design.
  • The colors to be set in the file as CMYK colors.
  • Avoid transparency, gradients, opacity, masks etc. web effects – we can print these with NO guarantee for the result.
  • Do not use any objects made with plugging or other additional non-standard software tools in the design.
  • If any 3D or other object made with special software convert them in .TIFF images in 120 dpi in real size.
  • The min. line thickness visible on the fabrics structure is 0.35 mm [1 pt].

* When we make a design for any custom products, you pay for the service, not the .AI [Adobe Illustrations] files itself.


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Fan Scarf


Please note that this proces is only for the design and not the production of the jersey.

*Don't forget to checkbox the 'send me a copy', you'll recieve a copy.
*You can discuss the details of the design via Skype with one of our designers.

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